Sunday, May 31, 2009

Swimming Times Two!

We went swimming today! Today was Blair's first trip to the pool. She loved it. She played and played and kicked and played. Brad had to work, but he would have been so proud. She kicked her little feet as hard as she could under that float. When Brad plays with Blair, he plays with her little feet. He tells her, "Kick your feet. That's the only way to get to the other side!" Like she needs any instruction. This child's feet don't ever stop moving!

After a swim in the pool, we stopped by the house, loaded up the dogs, and went out to the pond for a quick dip and some doggy laps. All I have to say is poor Gus. He can't swim as fast as Buddy, so he never gets the stick. Here he is still headed out, and Buddy has already gotten the stick and turned to come back.

So, I throw two sticks. Well, that works most of the time.

Until Buddy gets smart and gets them both!

Or he lets Gus get one and steals it before Gus gets it back to me.

What a bully!

They both still go home happy and tired!

It's important for us to eat our veggies.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where We Live: Blair's Room

Another Friday means another edition of Kelly's Korner's "Show Us Where You Live Friday." This week we'll be touring children's rooms. We have one baby, Blair, and here's her room. The pictures do not do it justice. It really is so cute.

This is Blair's room as you walk in.

My sister Linsey painted the animals on canvas above the crib. At the moment, all of her toys are in the Target green bins on the bookshelf. Our favorite books are on the bottom shelf, so we can reach them easily from the floor. My favorites are On the Night You Were Born; Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom; and The One and Only Magnificent Me. Blair also likes Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon.

We do lots of playing on the floor!

Blair likes it! Her mommy takes too many pictures though!

I ordered Blair's bedding from Javis Davis in Alabama. It's very well made and cute as can be. Thank goodness I ordered it before they had a considerable increase in their prices!

Next to the bed is a basket of Spanish books that I used to have in my classroom.

I have the changing table and little diaper station on the other side of the room. And as you see, due to his velcro nature, Gus just happens to be in at least one picture in all of my home tours!

I love her letters that match the bedding.

Blair's big window looks out into our laundry room on the porch. It's yucky out there, so I don't think we'll be touring it. The glider is so comfy. I got the table and the butterfly at Hobby Lobby. Blair's oxygen tubing is the green cord on the floor and the pulse oximeter in the basket -- we feel free though now that she only needs it at night!

And there's Miss Priss -- standing up in her bed, which she can't do on her own, but she can manage to stay if I put her there!

These days...

What's Miss Blair like these days? She's a mess. Still. And getting busier by the day.

She is on the move -- almost. I will feel for Gus when she can chase him. She likes to touch him now. She gets big handfulls of his hair and pulls. He doesn't even flinch.

As of mid-May, we're up on all fours.

Blair is very observant.

And she's silly. Her daddy and I love the little Blair dance she does when she's excited to see us!

She is a multi-tasker like her mommy.

And she's not afraid to relax and put her feet up!

She's busy, but she sleeps. Like this:

Booty in the air, paci in hand, as sweet as she can be!

She's really proud of herself...

and her mommy and daddy are proud of her too!

Mmmm... yummy peas, masks, and remotes!

What is it about kids' liking toys that aren't toys? Blair's absolute favorite things to play with are the remotes and the nebulizer mask. She goes to town on the mask, making little squeaks with her gums against the rubber (or whatever material that thing's made of).

Making sure Gus is where he's suposed to be... mask in hand.

Hey Dragon, I love you!

The remotes on the other hand are off limits. She will all but launch herself out of your arms in aim of any and every remote (and the mask for that matter -- she can spot it from afar!). So, Brad suggests that I call Dish Network and order another remote so that she can have one -- they're basically free anyway. Sounds like she's got him wrapped, right? I did the next best thing and pulled an old one out of a drawer and removed the batteries. It doesn't have all the same colorful buttons, but she likes it regardless. She chews on it like a piece of corn on the cob.

We have been trying some fruits and veggies lately. Of all things, peas are her favorite so far. She likes sweet potato and avocado as well. Still not so much on the bananas. I've got apples for tomorrow, which I'm sure she'll enjoy. I made the peas from the same ones that Brad and I eat, so they are yummy!

Yay, peas!

Gosh, it looks like my child lives in her high chair! She definitely doesn't, but there are lots of fun times in the kitchen!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Thanks to my friend Anna's wonderful advice, we got a BOB Revolution stroller for Blair. My mom actually got it for us. We got it on sale at B Braithwaite when we were in Atlanta ordering the nursery furniture. I heart the BOB. I consider the BOB one of the best baby things that we have. I could advertise for the company actually. Our BOB is not so experienced in jogging (this girl does not jog), but it is experienced in off-road adventure, for sure!

What stroller will take your baby
out into the cow pasture to let the dogs swim in the pond?

Well, you can't see it, but it's behind us.

And which one will trek down the rows of the watermelon field following the transplanter?

And what kind of stroller do you need to walk the sidewalks of our town?

Disappearing and sloping...


...and stepping.

I'm glad I have a BOB.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Snake on my House!

Last night, Brad was on his way out to feed Gus and Buddy and just about jumped out of his britches! Look what he saw as he reached for the screen door handle to leave the back porch. (Excuse our porch, it has not been redone yet.)

The snake was perched on the door.

His head is above and his tail was hooked around the banister so the door wouldn't open.

Full body shot of him curled around the handle with his tail keeping the door from opening all the way.

He was probably 2 1/2 feet long. Brad knocked him off into the bushes!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stop the Presses!!

Brad has changed a diaper! I got up this morning, and Brad had CHANGED BLAIR'S DIAPER! And given her a breathing treatment. And fed her. What?! Where is my real husband and can I keep this one? Wow!

In other news, I was feeding Blair cereal this morning, and as she eats I swear she sounds like those sea gulls on Finding Nemo: "Mine, mine, mine!" Except she does it with an n: "nie, nie, nie." She gets some "ma, ma, ma" in there as well.

She's as sweet as she looks.

And in health news, Blair had her 6 month health check on Thursday. She did wonderfully. The nurse practioner bragged on how adorable Blair is, how fantastic she is doing, and what a great job we're doing with her. She was developmentally appropriate for her real age -- not even her adjusted age. The NP said that they usually give preemies until age 2 to catch up. Yay, Blair for passing all of the tests: she kept her head level when being pulled up to sitting from lying down (she's been doing this for a long time), passed a toy from one hand to the other (while it was shoved into her mouth), pushed up on her tummy with her elbows locked, tried to pick up a small piece of balled up paper, turned her head to my calling her name, and gave plenty of smiles. She even threw in pushing up on all fours, which she just started doing this week. She can't do it for very long, but she can manage a rock back and forth before she falls back flat. I can't believe she'll be crawling soon.

Blair is going to be the tiniest crawler ever. She was 24 3/4 inches and weighed 12 pounds 4 ounces, which was good, but she stepped down off of her growth curve just a tad. The NP said that Blair looks fine, but she wants me to try to get Blair to take 32 ounces of breast milk each day. Bottles are a battle. I'm lucky if I get her to take 30.

Bottle battle. An attempt to recline the high chair and give her the last of her bottle before cereal. She's more interested in the camera, sitting up, and smiling.

Leaning back is for babies. She's gripped tight on the tray to pull and keep herself upright.

I'm also supposed to start feeding Blair cereal. Good, because I already did. I just said ok. I'm thankful that she does love to eat from a spoon, so maybe she'll put on some pounds. I gave her a little banana this week and she gagged.


We also went to see Blair's audiologist for booth testing. I was so glad that some friends prepared me for it to be frustrating. I had really low expectations and was pleased that Blair responded to speech cues down to 25dB. That was fantastic! She didn't respond at all to the tones, but the audiologist said that since Blair is right on the line of the age of being able to be tested in the booth, it was fine. So, right now, we are going to wait and see. Her hearing speech does not mean that it is clear or meaningful to her, so we will continue with the plan to see how her speech develops. It is blessing that we don't have to deal with hearing aids at this point though.

Spur of the moment entertainment because mommy was about to wet her pants.

"Hey, how did you get out there?!"