Friday, April 10, 2009


Blair and I visited the field yesterday while the guys were working on transplanting the baby watermelon plants. The whole process is rather neat. There are six guys who sit on the transplanter.

As the tractor moves slowly down the rows, a wheel with spikes punches holes in the plastic and the ground. They transfer the plants from the tray into the holes.

Brad is already teaching Blair about farming....

She definitely needs to know what nut grass is.

...and what flint looks like. She actually reached for the right thing!

Isn't he sweet?!

I hope we have lots of sweet watermelons to eat before too much longer!


Unknown said...

Don't say Mexicans, I got an ugly comment for it. So I changed it to migrant workers.

He gave me running said...

i enjoy reading your blog - been praying for you and your family for quite some time now - thanks for sharing your lifesong via the blog.