Monday, April 20, 2009

Springtime brings new growth, new clothes, and new moves!

We are enjoying spring and the nice weather we've had recently. My yard is looking mighty green, and I have all of the plants to put out in the garden. Unfortunately, the pollen has kept Blair and me inside for the most part, but she gets a good look outside from her exersaucer at our front door. She loves to look in the yard and at passing cars.

Blair is thrilled that she's getting to wear some of her spring clothes. I was trying to put her in the long sleeve stuff for as long as possible to get good use out of it, and because I think she'll be wearing the six month summer stuff for a while!

I couldn't have asked for a happier baby.

Blair is almost sitting up by herself. She wants to so badly, but she's not quite able to balance well enough to not whack her head on the floor when she makes a move. She's really close though. Just yesterday and today, she's doing much better than she was last week.

Sitting on mommy's bed with her favorite doll.

Looking sassy playing with her elephant.

I watched her yesterday as she worked with her pacifier from backwards until she got it turned the right way and into her mouth! She's not quite finding it at night though, but I usually only have to get up once to find it for her.

She's also gotten the hang of the jumperoo and can jump away. I can't get over how many new things she does each week!


SarahHub said...

Oh, the jumperoo is wonderful! Evie is too big, but still wants to play in hers! And I love the summer clothes! Very cute!