Monday, April 20, 2009


Blair is turning into a little blondy. The ends of her hair are darker than her roots, so it looks like she dyed it dark and has blond roots showing! I don't know if the picture will show it well. What you can see, at the top of her head glistening in the sun, is her one really long hair that she's had since she was tiny!

And since I'm sitting in the chair with her, she chewing on the camera strap.

And I just love these pictures of her playing with her Uncle Hank and Uncle John's toy. She's just the sweetest thing, and she plays so well by herself.


Bonnie said...

They grow up so fast!! She is precious, Ashley!!

Unknown said...

Baby Girl & Bo-Bo's hair did the exact same thing. Bo's looked like a black rat tail before his 1st haircut. You know we had to wait till he was 1.