Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movies, Mud, & Mice

This past weekend was busy. Most importantly, we had some overnighters! My sister Linsey and her husband (farmer wannabe) Ben came to visit. I know they want to come live in Dreamland where there is no shopping and no eating out! Yeah right. We were so glad to have them for two nights though and had a great time. Brad and Ben did manly things around the farm and in the barn while Linsey and I played with Blair and watched the Love Saga on the Hallmark channel -- 14 hours worth of movies, but we didn't watch them all!

We had some entertaining experiences this weekend as well. All of the rain we had must have given my neighbor a mud-bogging itch, because she decided to go off-roading through my backyard in her chrysler. I have no idea what possessed that girl to do that.
We do have kids going through our backyard on ATVs quite often. They've made a little trail back behind my garden, next to the woodline, but I have never seen anyone drive a car through there. We basically live on a corner, so one would really have to feel the need to go off-roading to want to drive through my backyard in a vehicle. To get to her house, the street would have been much easier! I have to say though, I was busy washing bottles and had a good laugh when I looked up out my kitchen window and saw this.

Her car right behind my garden. It's at an angle because it is BOGGED on the driver's side.

Friday, her poor boyfriend came home from work and attempted to pull it out with their ATV. Yeah right. Picture me crouched down on our glass porch with my zoom lens snapping photos!

Someone else came with a truck and pulled the car into our other neighbor's yard, where it bogged once again. It sat there until Sunday, when yet someone else came and finally pulled it out.

Then, we had an issue in our house.
We live in an old house and usually around this time of the year, we have to set some mouse traps. I try to keep all the food in containers and ziploc bags, but they seem to find something. I thought we had taken care of the problem this time, but apparently we had one left. I hate mice, but I guess it is something everyone has to deal with at one time or another. If you don't ever have mice, I'd love to know your secret!

I had gotten a whiff of a funny smell in the kitchen on Thursday and noticed that Gus sniffed around the refrigerator a few times. I kept forgetting to tell Brad though. So on Sunday, Brad noticed it, so we pulled the refrigerator out. Now, I don't know what amount of time is acceptible between under-the-refrigerator cleanings, but I can tell you that I don't do this weekly. I had made Linsey and Ben go ahead and leave so they wouldn't see behind my refrigerator, but I had to run out there and catch them to come see this! Brad looked back there and muttered, "Poor joker."

This is sad, but you have to admit that it's funny too. I don't know whether he got shocked or got stuck. He could have gotten too fat from all the M&Ms he was eating. I realized that he had gotten into a bag that I didn't know was on top of the refrigerator (you really can't see on top of it because it's black and surrounded by cabinets). He had taken M&Ms out of the bag and peeled the shell off to eat the chocolate. There was a whole pile of candy M&M shells up there.

So, Brad played with Blair while I took care of the mouse. It was definitely a job for the yard tongs! I also took the opportunity to clean behind the refrigerator!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the mouse!
That's so funny. And the m&m' mom had a mouse in the store that ate her vitamins...we decided it had super-powers at that point. Mice are crafty! And I love that YOU took care of the mouse while Brad played with Blair!

Julia said...

In our old apartment Stephen had a mouse jump out of McKenzie food bag at him. He sent it flying across the room on the food scoop. It was hilarious (since it didn't happen to me:))!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Ugh. I can hardly look at that picture of the mouse... I can't believe that you handled it while Brad was with Blair! You are BRAVE!!! I'm not quite sure what those tongs looked like that you used, but I'm guessing they are nice and long! :)

Love the pictures of that little bookworm... She's so beautiful!

Jamie said...

LOL!! RIP fat little mouse.

Blair is a doll..and getting so big!!! I look forward to meeting her in person one day :)

AA said... did cleaned it up and Brad played with Blair....too funny!!