Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss Model

Blair's not exactly a model, but she is on the back cover of our Ronald McDonald House Charities magazine this quarter! There are two pictures of her, and she looks precious as always but so different! In looking back through our pictures to find some to send to RMH, I couldn't get over how sick she looked compared to now. The Lord had really blessed us.

We stayed 51 days at the RMH while Blair was sick. I've written about the house previously, but I cannot stress how much we were blessed to have stayed there. The house is extremely nice and so clean -- I'm not just saying that, it really is! It was so convenient to have our own room near the hospital and a place to do laundry, have visitors, and eat all of our meals. The house has the McMeal Program, so there are volunteers who provide supper every night. Being there allowed us to be close to Blair so that we could feed her several times a day, and it saved us so much money in food and travel.

The local house is having their McDazzle Online auction right now. They have all kinds of items including some neat Step2 Children's play things, Braves tickets, art, photography sessions, travel packages, and more. Check it out if you're in the market for a gift or something for yourself!
You can also sponsor a night for someone staying in the RMH in honor of your mother for Mother's day. And don't forget to save those soft drink can pop tabs to donate to any Ronald McDonald House -- it's free and easy!


Unknown said...

She IS so beautiful. Ya'll are really blessed.

SarahHub said...

She's a little celebrity!

When Evie was 3 months old, she was in the PICU for a week with pneumonia (a complication of her severe reflux.) Our hospital has a Ronald McDonald House on the PICU floor, and it was such a blessing. Being able to take a real shower and use a kitchen while being close to Evie was something I appreciated so much.