Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ten Pounder

Blair is doing really well and entertaining her mommy daily! As of our last appointment on February 26th, we have a ten pounder -- exactly! She is gaining weight well despite my taking her off of the calorie increasing teaspoon of powder preemie formula in her breast milk. I was convinced Blair didn't like it from day one, but I tried the formula supplement for at least three weeks. I couldn't get her to eat more than two ounces at a time, so I told the doctor that I would rather try to go without it. We've been going strong since. A few days after I went back to plain breast milk, she was taking four ounces again. Maybe coincidence? I have no idea.

Blair's seat in the kitchen while mommy cooks supper

Another thing she Blair continues to eat well through is thrush. It has been a very frustrating battle for, I believe, six weeks or more. I am so thankful that the thrush has not seemed to be painful for her at all. However, the battle has included many weeks of medication that made Blair gag (and about half the time throw up), sterilizing I can't tell you how many bottles in the microwave, and now boiling every piece for 20 minutes -- every time it's used. It wouldn't have been nearly the fight if I had realized from the beginning that I had thrush too. I've never been a mom; I definitely don't know what to look for, and I didn't have the "normal" symptoms anyway. Now I know! Long story short, I finally called MY doctor, who gave me some good tips and some better medication, and I think we're on our way to a white patch-free tongue!

Also, at our last appointment, Blair's pulmonologist tested her for 10 minutes on room air, without oxygen. She did really well! Her saturation at the end of the time was 94%, which was very good! I think they were pleasantly surprised! He will try the test again next time (the end of March), and if she does well again, he will order a sleep test. Oxygen saturation levels can drop at night -- it has something to do with the respiratory system and sleep -- so they will monitor her all night and send a report to the doctor. When she does well off of oxygen through the night, she can come off of it! So, we'll pray that she does well on these tests, so we can ditch the tank! I want this more than anyone, but I do realize that I will be nervous as a cat. There is some comfort in knowing that my child has air blowing into her nose at all times and that her monitor will wake me up if there is a problem!

Seeing herself in the mirror after I introduced her to the other side of the exersaucer

We continue to be so grateful for God's healing hand on our daughter and for the many prayers said for Blair and our family.