Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of Aunts

Blair has four aunts, and we have finally had all of them to visit! Brad and I have just now started letting our siblings even hold Blair. We wanted to limit it to us and grandparents for a while, since Blair came home in the middle of germy winter. I know that seems silly, but we just don't think any risk is necessary.

Aunt Molly came to visit us during her spring break. It was a beautiful day, so we went for a walk in town. We went to the fake Dairy Queen, Eats and Treats, and got a "blendie." It tastes just like a blizzard! We walked down the main street before heading back home with a few stray dogs in tow, as usual! Blair had fun playing with Molly. She especially liked Molly's hair!

The next day, Aunt Kimmie came to visit as well. She even managed to feed Blair a bottle, which is no easy task. Blair is so busy these days, she wants to do more looking than eating!