Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Half!

My goodness, Blair, you're six months old! We have had many wonderful days since you came home. You are just a joy to be with every day. Your daddy says you get more precious by the day. I have to say that I agree!

You woke up one evening while we were eating supper and didn't seem to want to go back to sleep, so I held you while we ate. You watched your daddy the whole time, holding your hands together in your lap, but you didn't smile like usual. Daddy said you were about the sweetest thing he's ever seen, and he couldn't stand to see that non-smiling face staring at him, so he held you so you could look at me instead!

You wear mostly 3 - 6 month clothing and weigh around 11 1/2 pounds. We just ran out of size 1 diapers, so now you are wearing size 1-2.

At the beginning of the month, you finally changed to a three hour feeding schedule. You take about five ounces every three hours. I was very happy to get away from feeding every two hours and twenty minute naps! We made it to six months of breastfeeding -- well, pumping really. This is really an accomplishment for your mommy, since you only take bottles. I am going to see if we can make it to a year. We have lots of milk in the freezer, so if we can make it to 10 months, we might be set! You also began taking longer naps. For the most part, you nap for an hour in the morning, two hours at lunch, and two hours in the afternoon. Wow, I don't even know what to do with the time! When you wake up from a nap, most of the time I know you're awake when I hear you "singing" in your bed. You go to bed around 7pm and sleep until 6am or so. I get you up to eat and give you medicine before I go to bed, but you never really wake up!

We read lots of books. You like to look at them when I put them on the Bumbo tray. You try to eat them too!

You are now blowing or spitting bubbles. It's is so cute. When you are in a playful mood, you do it over and over! You also like to stick out your tongue and open your mouth real wide.

You also scream. It is an ear-piercing scream. Sometimes you scream when you're happy and sometimes when you're mad, but it is loud regardless.

It didn't take you long after finding your feet to learn how to catch them. You love playing with your feet!

As your grandma says, you're sort of "aggressive" with your toys. Its funny how you almost attack them when you see them. You get excited -- kicking your feet, flailing your arms, and breathing fast! You love your little Emily doll. You try to put every part of her in your mouth.

I have started putting you in the highchair while I work in the kitchen. The bouncer is great, but you like to have toys in front of you to grab and put in your mouth. You're so tiny in the highchair! All you have to do is slump down a little, and you can gnaw on the tray!

You still love the exersaucer. The little dog with crinkly ears is your favorite. We got you a jumperoo, and you like it too. You have to have a pillow under it so you can reach the floor. You can work it pretty well. I know you will be jumping away in no time.

You're pushing up some with your arms now and rolled over from back to front. Towards the end of the month, you can almost sit up (leaning forward) for a few seconds without falling to the side. I'm not rushing it though! Sometimes I let myself think that I would love for you to be sitting up or crawling, and I quickly catch myself, because that would mean you grew up some more. I just try to enjoy you just as you are.

You sure love your daddy. It seems that everything he does makes you laugh. Normally, he says, "Hey, Doodle Unit!", and you beam!

The way you look at me making your little coos and gurgles lights me up from the inside out. I love to peek over your crib in the mornings right after you wake up. You give me the biggest smile! You are so special to you daddy and me. We look at you and still can't believe you are ours. We love you so much!



Unknown said...

That is so sweet! She is so beautiful.

LadyAndTheLabs said...

I so enjoy keeping up with you and Blair on your blog...she is a DOLL!


Unknown said...


Blair is so beautiful! She has changed so much, and she is even more beautiful every step of the way. I love visiting your blog and seeing your angel.


Holly Hartley

SarahHub said...

Oh, so sweet! I love her playing with her feet. She really is a doll!

AA said...

Too sweet, Ash!!! Happy Half Birthday, Blair!