Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hanging on to the O2

We had a good visit to the doctor last week. Blair weighed 10 lb 15 oz! We were pleased! Sometimes I pick her up and can't believe how heavy she's gotten. She got her last RSV prevention shot for the season. It's probable that she will have to have them again next season unless she and her lungs grow a lot between now and then. We would rather be safe than sorry if she still qualifies.

They did another room air test, and she did really well. After about 20 minutes (of playing) without oxygen, her saturation was 96. That was fantastic! However, we decided not to do the sleep oximetry. Apparently, if she passes it, they will come take all of our equipment, including the monitor -- yikes, that's scary! It has to do with some type of regulations
with which I'm not familiar -- something about children on oxygen only when necessary. According to the pediatrician, if Blair gets sick and we need oxygen again, it will be a big mess to get it back. So we want to make absolutely sure she's ready. With it being allergy season, I was nervous anyway. I had had to turn up the flow of the oxygen the two nights prior to our visit. It may have been due to pollen, but we don't know for sure. That was the first time in the entire month I had turned it up. It seems something like that happens every time we're about to go to the doctor! So, the end of April will be the next time they test her. We keep praying, be patient and wait for God's timing.

I was a bit disappointed to hear that we need to continue to keep Blair out of the public through May. MAY! Flu season is really now in full swing, so I guess it makes sense. God has given us this precious miracle. We have said all along that we would rather be crazy strict than to take unnecessary risks, so we will continue as instructed! We will just have to pack our summer full of exciting outings!


julia said...

I know you are a little disappointed...and more than a little stir-crazy, but hang tight. Y'all will be up and out on the go in no time at all. She is precious as always!

Jen O'Daniel said...

I know it is a bummer to wait even longer, but honestly you don't want to get out there with all the sneezing and sniffling that is going on now with pollen anyways! May will be here soooo soon, and Miss Blair can enjoy the time with visitors then... and until then, she's going to continue to enjoy the QT with her parents and close family! Hang in there!!!