Saturday, March 28, 2009

GT's Rattle

Blair has enjoyed playing with a very special rattle lately. It was my dad's when he was a baby, and I think it has survived all six of us kids as well!

Dad decided he'd like to be called GT for Grandpa Tim. He graduated from Georgia Tech, so the name is also a tribute to his Yellow Jackets! I think it's funny, because each year at least one of Tech's athletic teams' performances leads him to proclaim that he is "through" with Tech. But he never is. He's a fan for life and can't change that no matter what the Jackets do.

My little brothers were just accepted to Georgia Tech and will be attending after their upcoming graduation. Congratulations guys!

Stay tuned for Blair's debut as a Georgia Tech cheerleader this fall. Shhhh... don't tell her daddy! Blair told me that she doesn't like red and black!