Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Doodle Unit

My husband is funny. I wish I had half the wit that he has. He is so creative, too. Part of his creativity is spent making up odd nicknames for our family members. When I was pregnant, Brad told me my belly was like the SUN. I'd hate to see what it would have been called if I had acutally gone five more weeks! Our dog Gus answers to four other names besides Gus. We started with the simple Gussy or Gustifer. He also answers to Bucket, which has evolved to Buckey. I'll give you one chance to guess which one came from Brad. Yep. What does Bucket have to do with Gus?! Who knows.

Brad, Gus, and Buddy

Needless to say, Blair, in her six short months, has had her share of nicknames. We use the obvious and common ones like Blair Bear, Doodle Bug, or Silly Goose. Then we have the ones that came from Bradland. At first, she was "the DNA." Then, she became "the Third Unit" (of our family?). She was the Third Unit for a while until it was shortened to just "the Unit." Doodle bug became Baby Doodle, and now the "doodle" has been added to "the Unit." So our daughter is the Doodle Unit. There's no telling what will be next. Poor thing.

The Doodle Unit
(No, we haven't kicked the O2 yet. This is during our weekly nasal cannula change.)


Jen O'Daniel said...

Love that sweet picture of The Doodle Unit! ;)