Sunday, March 22, 2009

Countdown to the Taco Truck

We are quickly approaching watermelon time! Guess what that means! It will be no time before we have yummy watermelons, AND the Taco Truck will be here for lunch every day! How exciting!

The guys have been working really hard getting the land ready. Blair took her second tractor ride recently, while her daddy and the rest of the crew were working in the watermelon fields.

Blair on her daddy's shoulder, waiting to get going again.

The view from our tractor as we were about to lay off the next rows. The second tractor made the beds, and the third one laid plastic.

The guys helping lay plastic.

Tomorrow Brad and the crew will begin transplanting the little baby watermelon plants. Blair's Andad, Brad's dad, sure knows how to grow some pretty watermelons -- and lots of them! So, hopefully we'll be blessed with the right weather and delicious melons before long.

The watermelon princess looks like she's ready to eat some watermelon too!


Jen O'Daniel said...

I like Blair's watermelon outfit while she's working the field with her daddy. I remember reading one of your entries from last summer about the famous Taco Truck. I think I've dreamed of a Taco Truck working our neighborhood ever since then! That sounds delicious! Tiny hugs and kisses to Blair!

PS - That tractor must be pretty big for the whole family to be in the cab!

Anonymous said...

I want a taco truck to come to my house! Blair looks adorable in her watermelon outfit with her daddy!