Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bathtime Revisited

Mommy loves Blair's bathtime as much as Blair does. I laugh at her every time she's in the tub. She kicks around and splashes, plays with her ducky, and tries to eat her foam letters.

We always play with the "B" for Blair! I tell her, "It's Blair's bathtime in the blue bathtub!" Too bad the "B" is red and not blue!

I always show her herself in the mirror before we leave the bathroom. Last week she got so tickled at herself and laughed out loud over and over!


The Carter's said...

Such sweet pictures Ashlee! I am so glad you do this blog bc it gives me a chance to watch Blair grow. Her smile is still one of my favorite smiles in the world....Right next to Samantha's. I can't wait to hear the news that she is off oxygen. You probably will not be able to keep up with her!!!! Tell her I love her and Call me soon.

Jen O'Daniel said...

Ashlee - How stinkin' cute that she plays with the letter 'B' during bathtime! You are such a great teacher & mommy! I love it! I also love the pictures of Beautiful Blair Bathing at Bathtime! B-B-B-B! :)

Anonymous said...

Such cute photos! I love the one of her looking at herself in the mirror!

Helene said...

Such beautiful pictures!! I love the one of her looking at herself in the mirror...precious!

Thank you for your comment on my blog...I'm definitely giving the Love Dare some more thought.