Friday, February 13, 2009

Treatments and TV

Blair goes through phases. Sometimes she doesn't mind breathing treatments, and other times she bats at the nebulizer and grunts at me angrily. If there is entertainment though, we don't seem to have a problem. We read, eat, watch the mobile, and watch tv. I realized that she would watch tv when Kung Fu Panda was on one night while I was doing a nebulizer treatment. She was mesmerized during the beginning when the panda is dreaming.

Here she is about to break her neck to see the tv! It was so funny!

One night for treatment entertainment I read her some books. She really had a fit over the cow in Goodnight Moon. She talked to it and smiled at it. It was precious.

We like it when tv allows a little bit of tummy time!


Jen O'Daniel said...

That's so funny that she likes TV... especially Kung Fu Panda! Grayson just started watching TV, which, as a teacher, I never thought I would encourage... but when she is teething or has a cold, nothing feels better than a little snuggle time with mommy in front of Curious George! :)

Does Blair enjoy tummy time or is she bothered by it?

Suz said...

Audrey loves the TV too!! Right now she seems to like Rachael Ray.