Saturday, February 7, 2009


In Spain, when posing for a picture they say "patata" (potato) instead of "queso" (cheese). I don't know that "patata" gives the best mouth position for a photo, but that's the word. In Mexico, they say "whiskey," which I think may give more of the look of a smile, but who knows where that came from! Just a little teacher moment; I must miss it more than I thought!

Blair just had her first non-mommy photo session! Today, Amy from Hiley Creative Photography came to our house to do some pictures. We had a great time. We caught Blair at the perfect time, and she was really good. For almost an hour, she quietly tolerated all of the places we put her and even gave us a few smiles. I did want to get some naked baby pictures, but mommy pushed her a little to long without her clothes -- she tee teed on my leg! I guess better there than the sofa!

Amy got some great shots; here's one!


Linsey said...

Such a sweet picture!