Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Daddy's Tractor

Today, I rode on my Daddy's tractor for the first time! It was fun! We pulled dirt around ALL over a field. At first, the bouncing put me right to sleep. Then, I ate. Every two hours, I pretend like my Mommy starves me, so she always has to plan accordingly! After that, Daddy let me drive!

We listened to good music, too. I looked around everywhere outside and inside. The black buttons and knobs were my favorite. Daddy even found me a good place to sit over on the side.

It will be watermelon season before we know it. Yay!


Anonymous said...

speinGosh,I love this!Goodness Blair,"thats a big ole tractor."Dad will never get her to stay home,she will want to ride all the time.So Sweet.