Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got your nose!

Over the past week, I had the privilege of watching Blair learn to reach and grab things. Until now, she grabbed whatever her hands ran into! Last Friday, I noticed that she was staring at a star on the tray of the exersaucer. The star was on her right, but her left hand was clumsily making its way across her body towards it -- and not coming anywhere near it! Then her right hand would wave around all on top of the star. I think she finally touched it once that day. For about the next five days, each day she got better at directing her hands to something she was actually looking at. She batted at things for a day or so, and by Thursday she was reaching, grabbing, and holding with both hands. She even reached for a toy with both hands at the same time, took it from me, and squeezed it right to her mouth -- where everything goes these days!

Last night, we did her breathing treatments and tried the mask for the first time. She did great! Afterwards, I was talking to her really close. She was looking at me and smiling, and then she reached out and grabbed my nose! What simple things can make a parent so proud.

This is my best attempt to take a quick picture of the two of us.

I am enjoying every minute watching Blair grow and learn new things and am so thankful I'm at home to see her do it. It makes me teary to think about how God has blessed us so through our little miracle!


SarahHub said...

What a sweet moment! Just another of many first miracles you'll witness!