Friday, January 9, 2009

Three and Counting...Fast!

Dear Blair,
Everyone has told me that time slips away quickly and children grow up way too fast, and all that is so true. You are still a baby, so you're not really "grown up," but I can't believe that you are three months old today! You are getting bigger little by little. You are now 8 lbs 4 oz, and we are trying to feed you lots so that your little lungs can grow, grow!

You absolutely love to take a bath and now scream from the moment I take you out until I have you completely dressed. It makes dressing you a bit more difficult! You still sleep in our room at night, because we still have an oxygen monitor, but you nap in your bed during the day. In the last two weeks, the mobile has become a new favorite. You watch it until it turns off, and I have to turn it back on. You can hold your head up pretty good on my shoulder or if I sit you up in my lap. We're still working on holding it up on your tummy. I don't like for you be on your tummy and do face plants into the blanket with a nasal cannula in your nose!

We have so much fun together. One of my favorite parts of the day is when you are awake for a while before lunch. We talk and play and read and sing. You are still doing a lot of mouth moving without sound, but you manage "ooh" or an "ah" too! We've started to call you moody; you can go from fussing one second to smiling the next. If you're in a good mood, you smile the minute someone talks to you. Sometimes, your smile spreads all over your face, and you lean your head back. It's so cute!

I love every minute we spend together, and even though I'm with you, it's like I miss you when we have to spend the day at the doctor, because we don't get to play as much!

Your mommy and daddy are so thankful that God gave you to us. We look forward to many more milestones and birthdays!


You'll be too big for this pillow before we know it!

But you're still so little!


Unknown said...

so sweet!

Anonymous said...

awwww!!! she's getting big even though she's so little!!!

Connor Family Blog said...

Ashley, what a sweet letter to Blair. You need to make sure to print the blog out after a year or so so that you can show your sweet daughter everything...your emotions, it!!!

Helene said...

Awwww, she is absolutely precious! She looks like a real live doll baby!! It sounds like you're cherising every moment with her which is wonderful b/c it does go by very quickly! You'll look back at that picture of her on that pillow someday and be amazed that she ever fit in it perfectly! When my 1st set of twins were in the NICU, I bought them these little stuffed animals and the animals were bigger than they were! We took a pic of each of them next to the stuffed animal and my daughter loves to look at the pic in amazement that she was ever that small. And we saved the stuffed animals as a keepsake that hopefully they'll pass down to their children!

Thanks for following my blog! I've added myself to your followers list!

AA said...

Ash-a-lee...that was soo precious!! I love the letter to Blair. Can't wait to meet her!

Jen O'Daniel said...

Love the letter to Blair - she is such a little darling! I love the picture of little her in the big chair! Precious...