Monday, January 5, 2009


Since it hasn't been very cold in the past week or so, Blair and I have begun to go for walks in the afternoon. I enjoy the exercise; I think Blair likes the ride; and I know Gus loves going, because he gets excited when I put on my tennis shoes! Blair usually falls asleep within five minutes of leaving the house!


Amanda said...

She is TOO cute!! :) And don't you LOVE "The Bob" as we call it! It really goes anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Ashlee, the pictures are so PRECIOUS! Christmas with a baby is just SO special. Your blog is such a great way to keep everyone in touch with Blair (and you and Brad, of course!). I told John and Hank to tell you -- but I'll bet they didn't -- that we are going to have another grandbaby!! We are excited -- but Amy is thinking that August is still a long time away. Julie Harrell and Debbie Thompson will make it to the "grandmother for a second time" milestone about two or three weeks before me though! LOTS of babies to love.

Bring Blair to see us as soon as you can.

Janette Anderson