Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Scary Out There

Today, Brad and I took Blair, at 14 weeks old, to a non-doctor's office public place for the first time! The doctors didn't tell us not to take her anywhere; they just said don't take her around a bunch of people, but it's really not worth the risk when we can wait the winter out at home. I like to go places, but I'm not going crazy at home. Doctor's visits once a week provide opportunities to get out and to spend the day at my mom and dad's. Public places are scary to me right now anyway with all of the sicknesses going around, and getting Blair's stuff together to go somewhere is enough to make me content to stay home!

Since we got home, I haven't eaten out anywhere other than the Chick-fil-a drive through on the way home from the doctor.
Well, I guess we don't eat out much anyway -- all we have is a Subway, so there's nowhere to go! But everyone I know likes a little Mexican food every now and then, so occasionally Brad and I make the 20 minute drive to our our semi-local Mexican restaurant. We decided to go there for a 3pm lunch, hoping it wouldn't be too busy. There weren't many people there at all, and we sat in a room by ourselves! Of all times, Blair had a rare tummy ache when we got there, but a few minutes of bouncing her on her tummy in my lap and she was asleep. We had a great meal and a good time. Maybe Brad and I will get to go out again before another six weeks is up. Maybe for our anniversary next week? We'll see.

Edited to add: OH. MY. GOODNESS. We are getting a Mexican restaurant! I can't believe it. I had already written this post when I passed by the sign: Mexican Restaurant Coming Soon! How fantastic! I'm so excited. It's walking distance from my house -- well, actually everything in this town in walking distance from my house! I sure hope it's yummy!


Jen O'Daniel said...

Reading what you say about Rochelle reminds me of my mother-in-law. When Clay's parents were first married, they lived close to his father's parents in DeWitt, Arkansas... Apparently the closes "restaurant" was a McDonald's, which was ONLY a 1hr 45min drive from their home. Hahaha... I'm glad you are getting a Mexican restaurant! Que Bueno! :)