Friday, December 19, 2008

Eyes, Check

In the past two weeks we have been in the road. I wish I could post about fun adventures we go on. Unfortunately, we don't get to go see anyone but the doctor! Wednesday it was a weight check (7 lb 9 oz), Thursday it was to have her ears rechecked, and today we went to the eye doctor. Dr. Logan wanted to get Blair's eyes checked to make sure that her having been on oxygen hasn't caused abnormal vessels to grow in her retina. Everything looked great, so we are thankful. The small amount of oxygen that she's on now should have no effect on her eyes, so we don't have plans to go back to the eye doctor any time soon. Now lets hope she doesn't get her mommy's vision!

While I was getting all of our equipment ready to go this morning, Blair occupied herself in the cradle staring at the mobile. She likes the mobile above the swing, but this was the first time this one grabbed and kept her attention.

Since she was in the car a lot today and thankfully sleeps like a champ while we ride, tonight she was ready to play. She was smiling away.

mid-hula dance


Anonymous said...

Those gorgeous eyes are HUGE!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the polka dot pajamas :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, the hula CRACKED ME UP!!! Tell Miss Blair I said thanks for the laugh!!

Unknown said...

So cute! Bet ya'll can't wait for Baby's 1st Christmas!

Unknown said...


I am so glad that those beautiful eyes are doing great. Blair is stunning!