Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have enjoyed getting ready for Blair's first Christmas! I haven't put up near the decorations I had last year, but we have a tree! I love a big fat frasier fur, but this year I put up an artificial tree that I found in the attic. It's what they call a slim. It's slim alright. It's about 8' tall and 2' wide! It looks like it came straight from Whoville. I wasn't too excited at first, since it looked lost in our den, but it turned out pretty cute.

Blair has enjoyed her precious pink, green, and blue tree in her room that her aunt Melissa made for her. It goes perfectly with her bedding. She loves the lights. I do too, since it's the perfect amount of light to change a diaper in the middle of the night!

Blair looks so cute in her Christmas outfits and pjs.

We are so thankful this year to have Blair and to have her home. God had been so good to us and has answered so many of our prayers. Most of all, we thank God for Christmas and the birth of His Son.


Toni said...

She gets more and more beautiful,just precious.I'm so very exited about our new Granddaughter! Oh, What a new adventure awaits!

Anonymous said...

Ashlee, she is so beautiful and such a gift from God! (...and I know that you are fully aware of that fact.) Love her, hug her, tell her she is beautiful -- those three gifts added to the love shared between her parents and their constancy to each other are the only gifts she will ever really need her any Christmas tree -- be it slim, fat, tall, or well-endowed in all respects. The miracle of a child was the beginning of Christmas. Hold fast to the joys of today and help Blair build memories for tomorrow.

Thank you for including Robin on your website. I am so grateful for her life, and I am praying that God's strength will see her and her family through their hours of need, just as He has held you through what I pray are the worst of your trials.

In the words of Tiny Tim, God bless us every one!
Janette Anderson