Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All the Toys

After being at home for a week, we are settling in and working on getting into somewhat of a routine. Blair has tried out just about all of her toys. She learned to self sooth early, so she is content where ever we put her -- for the most part!

her aquarium bouncer

her swing

the baby lounger

She LOVES this red bird that came with the activity gym. She will stare at it forever and follow it from side to side.


Molly said...

she looks so precious in all her toys!!! She looks so little in the swing! I can't wait til we get to see her! :)

Anonymous said...

What FUN! She is so cute - especially with those precious cheeks! Thinking about you guys!

Jojo & Boo are ready to play tractors with you "baby Blair" as Boo calls you.

Check on you soon! ;)

Linsey said...

and she has new outfits for every toy too!!

Jen O'Daniel said...

I want an adult sized Baby Lounger! That looks awfully comfortable!