Monday, November 3, 2008

Working Hard

Blair is still breathing on her own without the vent, but she's working pretty hard today. We just hope she doesn't get too worn out. Her x-rays today don't look better or worse. The doctor is doing two different breathing treatments today to help with her lungs. He increased her feeds up to 35 cc, over an ounce, every three hours. She is still tolerating feeds well, digesting all of the milk each time, so she is getting good calories.
We pray that these breathing treatments make improvement in her lungs, so she doesn't have to work so hard and that she continues to do well with the feedings.


Anonymous said...

Brad and Ashlee,
Just wanted you to know we check for updates on Miss Blair SEVERAL times every day and pray for y'all all the time!!!
We love you very much!!
God bless you,
Joe, Jennifer, Osjha, Juliana, Breeleigh and Samuel
"The Killa 'B's"