Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're in the 20s!

I just talked to Blair's nurse. I wasn't able to feed her this evening, because they got a new admission, and we aren't allowed in the NICU while they are admitting a baby. So, I just called to check on her. They increased her feedings again today to 70 cc (over 2 oz) every three hours, and she has done well with it. That is a lot of milk for every three hours. The nurses keep expecting the doctor to change her to a four hour schedule, but he hasn't. Her weight has never really been a concern, but she weighed about 6 lb 5 oz last night. That is about a pound above her lowest weight.

Good news -- the night nurse said that her oxygen is down to 25%! This is the first time she's been in the 20s. And, the oxygen is on 2 liters, which is not a really high flow. Cherry, her nurse for the day, said Blair's lungs sounded better than ever, and the night nurse agreed. Cherry thinks that the medicine she's taking for her heart is making a difference. I sure hope so! They'll do another echo tomorrow.

It's so funny. I can't even count the times a nurse or I have said, "She's like a different baby." Every time there's improvement, she looks so much better. We think she's great, but then she's a "different baby" again four days later. It's nice to see this "different baby" though after last week with not much improvement. Maybe the home stretch...? No more mention of it, but we'll see.


Linsey said...

YAY!!!! Go Blair!!! We are so proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

ANSWERED PRAYERS!!! That is wonderful news and the sweetest pics.