Saturday, November 15, 2008


Blair is still loving her bottles, but we had to decrease the frequency of them to every other feeding, because she gets really worn out. They just alternate tube and bottle feeding her, so I go at 8, 2, and 8 to feed her with the bottle. She's still spending a lot of her energy to breathe, so we need to give her some more time before we push her too hard.

We haven't seen much improvement on her settings and stats this week, but she's doing fine and
gaining weight, and the doctor is still optimistic about her going home before too much longer. Home is something that we've learned not to dwell on though!

Blair still responds well to the breathing treatments. They gave her a diuretic to help dry up some of the stuff in her lungs and reduce some
swelling, and she looks a lot better than she did midweek. Her face was swollen some Wednesday, but I really don't know why. An echo cardiogram this week showed that there is some increased pressure on the right side of her heart, so they are putting her on some medicine to help her heart work more effectively. Since Blair's lungs were so terribly diseased, her heart experienced increased pressure at the beginning, and they have been watching it. The whole physiology of it is over my head, but basically the right ventricle of the heart is working harder than normal to pump blood into the lungs. The nurse described it to me as one of the type hurdles that very sick babies meet along the way. Her heart is healthy, but it is not good for it to be stressed, so hopefully the medicine will help.

One of the funniest things that we experience almost daily is Blair sneezing. Each one is the textbook, cartoon, ah-ah-ah choo sneeze, and they make her so mad. They are just so much bigger than her! She usually sneezes three or four times, so last night I took a picture. I'm going to spare her the future embarrassment of posting the picture, but I'm glad we have it to remember! The pictures here are also from last night.


Jen O'Daniel said...

Bless you, Baby Blair! :)

MK said...

What loonnggg fingers you have, my dear! Take after your Mama, huh?? You are getting more and more beautiful every day!!

Love, Mary Kay, Adam, and Everett

Connor Family Blog said...

She's putting some weight on and looking better! Yay Blair! Y'all hang in there.

Amy said...

Ashlee, Blair is so beautiful. I'm so glad to read that she is doing better.