Monday, November 17, 2008


Blair's nurse ended up taking her feeding tube out yesterday, since Blair was waking up for all feedings and had taken a bottle for every feeding since Saturday morning with no problems. She eats really well, and she is not falling asleep or getting as tired during feedings as she was. She wakes up right on schedule ready to eat, and she only cries if she gets really hungry. She is a really good baby.

Blair's "O" face and thinking with those long fingers

Blair and I are getting good rocking time lately, since I'm at the hospital every three hours during the day to feed her. She loves her "groceries" as the nurses call it. She also loves to be rocked and loves to be talked to. She stares at anyone that talks to her with those huge eyes.

When we rock, I sing (really I'm better at humming) songs that I learned as a child. My cousin and I spent the night with Mema all the time when were wer
e little, and she sang to us at bedtime. We were never tired, of course, but I can still hear her tell us in a whisper to "lie real still" while she sang. One of my most vivid memories is of my cousin Wes who insisted that the girl come "'Round the Mountain" in a little red car. That was not my favorite verse, because she was supposed to drive six white horses! Mema also sang "Love Lifted Me," "Jesus Loves the Little Children," and many more. I know she looks forward to singing to Blair when we get her home!


I thank God every day for Blair and for all of the prayers that are said for her and for us. So thank you to all of you who keep up with us and pray. I believe in its power, and Blair is a perfect example of many answered prayers.


Kristy said...

These days coming up will be the ones you'll remember and hopefully all those long, scary days of the past few weeks will fade from your memory as you get busy at home with Blair. I'm glad to read that she is doing so well!

Connor Family Blog said...

You are already such a wonderful mother, Ashley. We are still praying for Blair!

Anonymous said...

That is great she is a "ROCKER". Neither one of mine would rock. They wanted me to stand and sway back and forth with them...talking about your arms feeling like they were going to fall off!?!?!

Blair looks strong, healthy and beautiful! She must be getting some GOOOOD "groceries"! :)