Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Real Meal!

Blair got her first bottle today! She did great! The nurses and I were all nervous -- no one wants to mess up such great progress, but it worked out fine. She's being fed 55 cc today. Like a pro, she took 35 cc by bottle. We didn't want to push it, so she got the last 20 cc through the tube. None of us could believe how well she did. Blair's such a big girl! Of course we took pictures of the big moment. I think it wore her out. She went right to sleep and did not bat an eye when we put her back in bed.

There were no other changes for today. She is still doing well, and they are still working on weaning her oxygen. She continues to get breathing treatments as well.

After all that work...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Blair! Such an exciting moment! I'm so glad she is doing well...(((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Beautiful like her daddy, strong like her mama; or vice versa!
We are all so happy and grateful.
Go Blair!!!

Anonymous said...

Please come home soon. I can't wait to lick you on the cheek.

Bring my mama home too!

Jen O'Daniel said...

I'm all smiles seeing that picture of you and Blair! That's great news about the bottle... Hugs to you and a little squeeze for Blair, too!

Marie said...

Yay for bottles! She'll be nursing and home before you know it...this is a huge step!! Congratulations!!