Friday, November 21, 2008

Last Bit

Miss Blair is still doing great, making us laugh with those hands, cute faces, and huge sneezes. She's up to 6 lbs 9 oz -- she's been eating a lot this week! She took 4 ounces during four feedings yesterday. She's such a piglet. She took over 3 ounces each feeding today, so she rested a bit from her Thanksgiving a week early! She was so hungry this afternoon when I got there to feed her. I guess she thought if she pressed her paci with both hands, something would come out of it!

She's still holding on to that last bit of oxygen. They haven't been able to wean her lower than the 25%, and sometimes she needs a little more. Dr. Connor increased her heart medicine slightly, hoping that may help get the oxygen requirement down some more. Her echo on Wednesday looked good though. Dr. Rodriguez comes back tomorrow for several days, so we'll see what he says about her chances of going home soon!


Linsey said...

I just love her :)

KatieG said...

Hi! It's so good to hear from you! I kept up with your little girl through Emmie. I'm so happy she's doing well. She's beautiful!! Ryan and I find out what our's is on Dec. 4th. I think it's a girl but Ryan thinks it's a boy so we'll see. (although I think the mother's usually right). Keep me updated on you.


thedemints said...

I just read every single one of your blog posts...I found your blog from your comment on the Beachys blog! Anyways, I had no idea what you all have been going through, and I'm glad that Blair is getting better & better. I know it's been such a hard 6 weeks, and I'm sure you are a different person by now. I'll be praying for continued recovery & a comfortable, timely discharge! I know you are so ready to be HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a beautiful baby! She looks so happy and content!