Wednesday, November 12, 2008

He Said That Word

I haven't posted in a few days, because I feel like I might be boring! Blair is doing fine, but we are still moving at her pace, which of course is not as fast as we want would like! We are still working on bottle feeding for every feeding. She loves to eat, but sometimes she gets tired and falls asleep or is breathing too rapidly, so they have to use the tube. She is waking up for feedings though, and when she's hungry she tells you. Up until the last couple of days, Blair had a soundless cry. She is still really hoarse, but she has some low tones to her cry now. From the color of her face when she gets mad, we will surely know when she has her voice back!

We hope that she will have all bottle feedings soon. She is still experiencing some issues with secretions from the lungs, which make her breathe fast and cough. As her lungs continue to clear, they will hopefully be able to further wean the oxygen. They have taken her down from high-flow to regular, which is good, and she has good stats on 30%, just above air levels.

This week we began another doctor rotation. Each of the doctors is so different, but we have been pleased. We have an older doctor this week, who has been a neonatologist for a long time. I don't talk to him quite as often as the previous doctors, because there aren't many changes from day to day, and I'm satisfied talking to the nurses. I did get to meet him though, and he mentioned the word "home." If all goes well, we may get there by Thanksgiving. We'll see. I"m ready to be home, but we are in no hurry, because we want her to be well. I just ran into a family last night who had taken their baby home a few weeks ago from the NICU where Blair is, only to bring him back this week because he got RSV, which is very serious for preemies and babies like Blair who have had chronic lung disease. Blair will be extremely susceptible to RSV and other illnesses for quite some time, so we do want her to be as strong as possible when she leaves. Even then, I hope everyone will understand that she won't be able to have visitors for a while, no matter how much I want everyone to see how beautiful she is!

I still feel so blessed to even think about going home, because we have come so far. God has been so good to us.


Beverly said...

Dear Ashlee,
Keep the posting coming! You could never be boring keeping us posted on Blair's progress. I know the sound of home is music to your ears. We are continuing our prayers for steady progress and healing.
Beverly and Sammy