Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Blair

Everything is still going well today for Blair. I told the doctor that I almost don't feel like I have to stalk him every morning, since now we don't have such major updates every day!

She was awake again this morning when I went in, but she was sound asleep almost the whole time I held her this afternoon. Happens every time! She really is a different baby than she was two weeks ago. She is so much happier now, since she feels better. We hardly see her fuss at all. This morning, she was awake for quite a while but just looked around without crying. She's very content, even when she's not being held. I'm sure she'll change her mind about self-soothing, because I bet I won't be able to put her down when we get home.

Her feedings are now up to 50 cc every three hours, which is considered a full feeding. She has tolerated them well today.
They are talking about trying a bottle tomorrow. It depends on her breathing rate, so we'll see. They did take out the PICC line yesterday, so she is IV free! She is still getting oxygen, but her requirement has come down to around 35%.

We're working our way out the door, but I'm in no rush. I'll be a nervous wreck when we get home, I'm sure!

Getting just a taste of sugar water. She loved it!


Anonymous said...

You are a natural! Just like your mom! WONDERFUL PICTURE!!!

Aunt Mel, Jojo & Boo