Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Two

We are on day two off the vent! Blair had a good night. She is still having to work some to breathe, but the doctor said that it's ok. I think she has done better overall off of the vent than he expected. She is still on oxygen, and her blood oxygen level has been good and stable, even when the nurses move her around, which is when it used to go down a good bit. The only change for today is that her feedings are being increased again.
When Brad and I got there this morning, one of the nurses was holding her. She is going to be rotten. They let me take her, and I got to hold her for a while.
Blair has already become quite a fan of her Sleep Sheep noise machine I took over there a couple of days ago. It really calms her. We may have just started a bad habit! One of the NICU nurses has a daughter that sleeps with one, and they have to take a noise machine everywhere they go! Blair also likes a pacifier. The nurses can hear her smacking on it in the next room! Maybe we'll get to try a bottle before too much longer.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I'm so glad she's doing much better. What a blessing. Henry sleeps with a sound machine and has since the day he was born. We don't go anywhere without it. We sleep with one, too. They are wonderful :) It's not a bad habit!!! Prayers still coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a precious little girl! She really is beautiful. I am so thankful for her improvements. We will continue our prayers. She looks so content in her mommy's arms.

Unknown said...

Blair looks so comfy in your arms. She's as gorgeous as her parents!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful picture of you and baby Blair. I especially like the one with her smiling. There are so many people praying for Blair's continued progress and patience for you and Brad. God is so good!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO BLAIR! We are still praying for you every day.
Love your cousins, Jojo & Boo

What a beautiful baby!!! It is so good to see you holding her. There's nothing in the world like that feeling. Aaron, the boys and I enjoyed looking at the pics...Boo kept saying, "AWHHH" every time we went to the next picture. They liked the one of her smiling especially. Check on y'all soon.

Aunt Mel

Anonymous said...

So glad that she is getting better. She looks perfect in your arms. We will continue to pray for her quick recovery!