Monday, November 17, 2008

Blair's Nursery

Mom and I went down to my house today to work on the last few things for Blair's room. We needed to hang curtains and put the letters that spell her name on the wall. Thank goodness Brad stopped by to help, because we had just about made a mess! We didn't get to hang the letters, because that would have meant that things around here always run smoothly, and they hardly ever do! I actually lost my car keys between yesterday afternoon and today. I have YET to find them. Since I had packed my car full of stuff that I needed to take home but couldn't get into my car, I had to leave it (with the letters inside) at the RMH and get mom to take me home to get my extra keys. That's the way it goes.

The nursery looks precious though. I absolutely love it! I got Blair's bedding from Javis Davis, a custom bedding company in Alabama and had some curtains made to match. At my baby showers, Blair received some precious picture frames and decorative things that added finishing touches to the shelves. Aunt Linnie did the precious paintings over the crib. Blair's Grandmom and Andad, Brad's parents, gave us the glider that I can't wait to use! Blair and I enjoy glider time in the hospital nursery, but it sure will be nice to use our own glider that reclines!

This wall needs work!


Linsey said...

It's coming together, Ash! It looks great in there. All it needs is beautiful little Blair!!

Linsey said...

and the curtains are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

It's PERFECT! You did great as I knew you would. I see Blair's Pink Pig - so cute!

Next, I want to see little Miss Priss in there!

SOON-hang in there Ash!