Thursday, November 6, 2008

Answered Prayers

Four weeks old today! Blair was wide awake this morning when we went in to see her. I think she likes her new "house." She was nice and calm. She was breathing at a pretty normal pace, although she does still breathe fast sometimes. The doctor bumped her feedings again to 45 cc today and said that the nurse could try a bottle if her breathing is at a good rate. However, they definitely don't want her to aspirate milk at this point; she's come way too far to have to deal with that, so they may wait until her breathing stabilizes at a slower rate.

They are continuing the breathing treatments, which seem to be helping a great deal. I helped with her breathing treatment this morning. The whole time, Blair goes back and forth between acting like she wants to "eat" the vapors and trying to get away from them. It must be soothing to her though, because we gave her a pacifier and rubbed her head, and she went right to sleep.

A big step they are possibly taking today is to remove Blair's long term IV or PICC line that she has had now for over three weeks. They use it for fluids and antibiotics. Blair's feedings are now up to the full amount she needs, so if her feedings go well today, they will no longer need the central IV, since she will not need extra fluids, and she's not on any medication.

The nurses keep talking about how great Blair looks. They are as proud of her as we are. We are so thankful that God has given us such amazing caregivers for her; they, along with many prayers, have really made our experience more bearable.


Linsey said...

I'm so happy for you and Bradford!! What wonderful news!
Love all three of you!

Anonymous said...

"Answered Prayers" is right! So much is going on that we can't control, but we can pray and I tell everyone I know to pray for little Blair. Individuals I work with ask about her health. Everyone I work with wants her to be well - they don't know her, but no one wants Blair (or any child) to suffer.

I am so pleased she was made these positive steps. May she keep it up and soon be home!

Eunice Andrews

Anonymous said...

Bet all of this really makes you want to be a nurse now...truly an amazing profession. So proud of you all and your strength.
Laura Lester Rue

Unknown said...

Yeah!! Go, Blair, go! No PICC line would be MORE than a baby step!! I always tell my patients, "Every thing we can get rid of that you weren't born with is one step closer home!!"
We are so excited for you!!! Another miracle baby!! We are SO blessed to know your family and eagerly await seeing little Blair grow and learn to love the God we know has given her to you and is healing her!
God bless you ALL!!!
Joe, Jennifer, Osjha, Juliana, Breeleigh and Samuel