Thursday, October 2, 2008

WAIT!! I'm not ready!

Well, Blair apparently thinks that six weeks before her due date is a great time to make an appearance. What is she thinking?! After dilating almost two centimeters, two days in the hospital, medicine, steroid shots, and little to no sleep for my poor husband, Blair's arrival was postponed, and I'm back at home to see how long I can last. I have to say that I was pretty calm during the whole ordeal. I felt at peace about the baby and that she would be fine, even if she came on out, and I trust my doctors and had a good experience in the hospital. I have to say the two things that were on my mind were not being ready and organized at my house (I don't have any baby clothes washed, diapers or bottles purchased...) and being an absentee honoree at my showers this weekend, and I'm looking SO forward to them! So now, I'm going to work on getting some things together in case we do have to go back to the hospital. We do have a car seat, and the nursery is livable, so that is good!

My doctor would like me to wait until at least next week, so I'm on medicine until then to hopefully decrease contractions. After that, I could go into labor, or I could wait several weeks. I'll keep you posted....


Molly said...

you just need to tell miss Blair that she has to stay in there until all my tests are over!!! She's free to come after Oct 18th!!! :)

I can't wait for her to get here! I couldn't stop picking things up from target today!

See you Saturday at the latest! maybe tomorrow!

Love you!

Unknown said...

You need to be taking it easy! Let Jan come down & get everything ready for ya'll!!

Let us know when she does make her arrival.