Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Steps

Today, we had a nice surprise when we entered the NICU and saw that Blair had been swapped back to the regular ventilator. They will now reduce the morphine over the next several days and wake her up some. We pray that she can remain stable off of the oscillator, so that she can be less sedated and do some of the fighting on her own. She is receiving 45% oxygen as of this morning.
The x-rays showed that there is still a good bit of cloudiness (lack of air because of secretions) in the top lobes of both lungs, so her bed is tilted to let air rise to that part of the lungs and to hopefully allow those secretions to be expelled. The antibiotics are working, so we pray that her little body can get rid of these secretions that are blocking air from getting to all parts of the lungs.
Her bilirubin count has come down, so they have removed the overhead phototherapy lights and will keep her on a light pad until tomorrow. Although her little purple shades were cute, it's nice to see her eyes again!
We pray that she continues to make positive steps, so that she can be off of the ventilator soon. Your prayers and notes mean so much to us. We cannot say how much we appreciate every prayer and every message that we have received! Please keep praying for our little girl.


Anonymous said...

We missed you over at the FT Baby Mamas thread, but Suzanne announced today that you had your little girl. Just wanted you to know we're all thinking of you! Leah

Anonymous said...

As I've read your blog - I've laughed, I've cried and thought of the cute little girl who has grown into a beautiful and wonderful woman! I am so proud of you! Please tell your family I said hello. It was great to see pictures of everyone!

I will continue to pray for baby Blair and your family. Motherhood is an awesome ride and one of the greatest gifts God will ever afford you! I look forward to reading your blog and watching your family grow.

Love you all - Tata