Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today, Blair has been sleeping well, which is good. They have a hard time keeping her calm. She seems to want to fight everything that is supposed to be helping her. This morning, air was escaping around her ventilator tube, and her oxygen level had to be elevated for her blood gas level to be good. They changed the tube out for a slightly larger one, and she is now more comfortable. Her oxygen level is now down to 30%, which we hope she can maintain for a few days. She is also letting the ventilator work for her and fighting it less. Her x-rays today show that left side of the lungs is pretty clear, while the right side still has some patchy secretion spots. They have her on her side again today to force air to rise into the right lung. We pray that she continues to show small improvements and is on her way to being off the ventilator.


Anonymous said...

Ashlee I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your precious baby and family. Thanks for taking the time to keep this up - I have been checking it daily for updates. I know you have to be exhausted! Try to remember that she needs you to take care of yourself too. I love you and am thinking of you.