Saturday, October 18, 2008

Praying That the Right Side Clears

The doctor told us this morning that her right upper lobe was still plugged up with secretions. She has not gotten worse, but there hasn't been any improvement since yesterday. Today they are going to try doing breathing treatments to see if loosens that right side. A pediatric pulmonary specialist is going to look at her tomorrow, and the two doctors will decide if they need to put her on another medication to help remove the secretions -- if the breathing treatments don't do it. The doctor said that if her oxygen level is lower tomorrow, he will know that the breathing treatments have worked.
Even though there are secretions, the infection is gone. All of her antibiotics are due to end tomorrow except for the anti-fungal, which ends on Tuesday. He said that they could start feeding her, but he wants to give that right lung another chance to clear so that she is more stable when they put milk in her tummy. She has been receiving nutrition via IV fluids, and her weight is still good. When they do feed her, she will start with a feeding tube to conserve energy and move to bottles after that.
Please pray that these breathing treatments today work and that the right side clears. When that lung gets open, we can think about removing the ventilator and eating.


Anonymous said...

Ashlee and Brad,
Todd and I will continue to pray for Baby Blair. We are so thankful that the infection is gone and we hope and pray that the breathing treatments will work. Please give her a little “touch” from us!