Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Tests

Blair is about the same today. They have been able to push her oxygen level back down again, but her doctor has decided to do more tests to make sure that they haven't missed something. He said that it is not common for a baby to have two infections at birth, nor is it common for it to take this long to get well. There are quite a few things that they are looking at, and the results will not come back for several days. She could be better before they ever come back, but if she's not, at least they will have them done and maybe have more answers.
Brad and I are so appreciative of your prayers. Keep praying for Blair -- that she improves in the next few days, and that there is no other complication hindering her recovery.


Jen O'Daniel said...

Hey Ashlee - I'm praying for Blair's health and strength as she gets better. I'm also praying for you, Bradford, and all the doctors and nurses that are giving Blair such great attention. Give yourself a big hug from me! Thinking of you often - Love, Orr :)