Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Update on Blair

Brad and I are so thankful for everyone's prayers. We feel so blessed to have received so many messages through our parents, calls, emails, and texts. God has been so good to us through this, and we know that He will continue to bless us.

Last night, they called us to tell us that her blood gases were the best that they had been all day, meaning that she was doing well on the new ventilator. Today, she has made some more positive steps. She is still on the oscillating ventilator, but they have been able to back off the oxygen some. As of this afternoon, they were at 50%, and her oxygen saturation was still good. That is good, because she was requiring 100% oxygen. Now they are giving her half the oxygen they were before, and she is still able to maintain the appropriate levels in her body. The doctor told us that they are going to see how she does over the next couple of days and may change her back to the other ventilator if she continues to improve. Today, she obviously felt better, because she was trying to breath over the machine. They are keeping her sedated though, so she won't use the energy.

On this morning's x-ray, her right lung looked better, but there was still a some infection in the upper lobe of the left. The antibiotics do seem to be working, and her white counts continue to go down. The current plan is for her to be on the antibiotics until the 19th. She is jaundiced, so they have her under phototherapy lights, and she is wearing some stylish purple eye shades! This afternoon's blood gases were where they want them to be, which is great, since she is maintaining those levels on decreased oxygen from the machine.

God has provided Blair with so many wonderful caregivers. Our experience at the Coliseum has been so positive. We are so grateful for the doctors and nurses with whom we have had contact throughout the last several days. Everyone has been so informative, helpful, and caring. We pray that God will continue to give them wisdom to make the best decisions for our daughter.

We're conservatively optimistic after today, but we have to keep in mind that she can still take a step or two back before she gets better!


Molly said...

Hang in there precious Blair! You're doing great! :)

I'll be home to see y'all soon.
I love all three of you!


mwatson6 said...

Ash--thanks for posting this website on Facebook. I'm sure that little Blair has the strength and determination of her mother! I'll be checking on her frequently! I can't wait to meet her! Much love, Melanie

Amy said...

We are thinking about you all and praying for little Blair and her parents. I know that her early arrival and delayed stay at the hospital are not what you had in mind, but it will soon be over and Blair will be enjoying her new nursery. I can't wait to meet her - she's obviously got a lot of determination and spunk!
Take care.