Friday, October 24, 2008

Loving the Hand

When we saw Blair this morning, she was snoozing with two of those hand things around her! She had her little arm above her head, holding on to one of the fingers.
We thank God that we have some positive news today. Her oxygen level is better: 40%. They have increased the ventilator pressures slightly, but they are still in normal range. She is closer to the goal of 30% oxygen, when they will again wean her off of morphine and give her another chance off of the ventilator.
Also, some of the tests they ran came back, and they were all normal. Another answered prayer. There are no new infections, and the infections she had are still gone. There are a few more tests that we expect results from in the coming days. We pray that these, too, will come back normal. I honestly thought that the doctor was expecting there to be something else wrong, but he told me again today that they are just ruling things out, since "big babies" usually kick pneumonia within a week to ten days. He said that even they are learning from Blair though, since they rarely see big babies that have two infections and are this sick. So again, maybe she just needs more time. She will continue getting breast milk today, since the feedings went well yesterday. They are also decreasing the number of labs they do on her, which means less sticking. I'm glad, since she's had plenty of experience already! I wouldn't want to be touched either if they were going to poke me every time.
So, hopefully Blair has a good day today. We are thankful for answered prayers and for your continued prayers for us.


Linsey said...

I love it! Already a snuggler!!
I am so proud of you and Bradford. You two are already wonderful parents!!