Friday, October 17, 2008

Following Blair's Lead

Yesterday and today we have seen more baby steps of improvement. Prayer is so powerful, and this baby girl might not be here without all of you lifting her up. Blair's doctor told us yesterday that it is truly miraculous that she has come this far and that many babies would not have pulled through an infection this bad. He says that things look good, but he does say that she's not completely out of the woods yet.
Blair's left lung was mostly clear yesterday and remained so today. They propped her right side up yesterday to force air into the upper part of that lung, and it is expanding more today but with some secretions still. The respiratory therapist will continue to try to dislodge and remove the secretions. She will remain propped up today, and we pray that we will have both sides looking good soon.
She will be completely off of morphine tomorrow, so I look forward to seeing those eyes open! She's more active already, but she is usually sleeping when we are there. It's nice to see her relaxed though, because she gets really mad when they mess with her! The doctor says that waking her up should help, because she will fight, and her activity will help her body get rid of the secretions on its own.
Her ventilator settings are down to normal breath pressures after being elevated for the past week, and her oxygen is at 43%. When it gets down closer to air level (21%), they will think about removing the vent.
The doctor says that he wish she were improving faster, but we have no choice but to follow her lead.
We pray that she continues to make steps in the right direction! He says that if I have any influence on her, to talk to her about it -- yeah right! I already know kids don't work like that.
Thank you all again for your prayers. I cannot say how much everyone's support means to us.


Camila's mommy said...

Ashlee, Thank you for your updates. I am so happy to hear of Blair's improvements. I am thinking and praying for her throughout each day...

Anonymous said...

I am praying for Baby Blair and you. I am also praying for the grandmamas. "Miss" Dee