Monday, October 20, 2008

Fiesty Day

Today has been quite a day for Blair -- I was even told by the nurse to "brace" myself for her temper. We have yet to see her, because every time we go over there something has prevented us from entering, and it was mostly her being fussy!
We found out this morning that her right upper lobe is clogged back up again. However, the pediatric pulmonary specialist thought that the breathing treatments would open it back up, so he said not to change anything they were doing yet. Blair has given her nurse today quite a workout. She pulled out her newly placed feeding tube. As she was fighting and gagging on her ventilator tube, she coughed up all of her breast milk that she had just gotten. Since she was so unhappy, the nurse and doctor decided that they would try taking her off of the ventilator to see how she would do. Then she pulled her IV out of her hand. She was able to stay off of the ventilator for several hours, but they soon concluded that she was working too hard, so they reinserted it.
I am not really discouraged, even though this has been our first rough day in quite a few days. I did not think that she was ready to breath completely on her on, so I was more nervous about her NOT being on the ventilator.
So we pray that tomorrow is a better day, that the right lung has cleared up again, and that she is calmer


Jen O'Daniel said...

I'm praying that same prayer! Update us on how today goes... I bet those nurses get a real kick out of your feisty little one!