Monday, October 27, 2008

Doctor Change

We began rotation with a different doctor today who is making some changes in Blair's treatment. He has been working with Blair's other doctors, so he was already aware of her sickness and her treatment thus far. We know that God has put him there for a reason and pray for wisdom for him. As I have mentioned, we are confident that these doctors will do whatever it takes for Blair.
When we got there this morning, they had already changed the type of ventilator that Blair is on. This one is supposed to deliver pressures differently in hopes that the lungs will not be over expanded and trap air. The x-rays showed maybe slight improvement in the secretions, but her lungs are a good bit over expanded.
Dr. Rodriguez said that there hasn’t been anything yet that has shown them that there is another complication, but we just need to prepare for this to be a slow process. He has a few goals in mind. One is to get her fed so she can gain some weight and get stronger. He changed her from morphine to another sedative so that they can feed her more effectively. The new medicine doesn’t slow digestion as much.
For feedings, they are going to do a weighted feeding tube through her nose that extends to the bottom of her stomach, so breast milk goes directly into the intestine.
He also wants to make sure that they don’t do anything to complicate things, such as miss an infection, so they will still do cultures to make sure her blood and lungs are clear of infection.
He said that there was one count that was a bit elevated on her blood work this morning, so they are going to start another antibiotic just in case there is a secondary infection. He said that the count could be elevated because of stress, and the cultures they are doing today will show if there is a new infection. If there’s not, he will discontinue the antibiotics after 48 hours. We are still waiting on the results for the other tests they ran last week.
Also, he wants to try to slowly reduce pressures of the ventilator so that we can give her another chance to breath without it. He did say that he doesn’t know when this might happen, but they are going to push her. The less time she spends with a plastic tube in her body the better. He will just watch her this week, push her as much as possible, and see how it goes.
Last week we did not see drastic improvement in Blair's condition, but she is still stable and resting pretty well. Hopefully we will see some improvement this week. We must remember to be patient and let God do His work on her and on us!


Jen O'Daniel said...


I am praying for sweet Blair. Blair's doctor sounds patient, yet determined. I will pray for her doctor and nurses, just as I am praying for Blair, you and your family. Thanks for the blog updates. Give yourself a hug!

Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

We are continuing our prayers. You and Brad hang in there. I have learned, sometimes the hard way, that God is definitely in control of things!

Marie said...

I know right now it seems like you will never leave the hospital, but YOU WILL. And one day you will listen to her screaming and wonder how you ever worried about those lungs :) These doctors and nurses sound amazing and between them and God and your family's love, she won't have any choice but to improve!