Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breathing Better

When I talked to the doctor today, he told me that Blair had had a good night and that he was pleased with her breathing today. For the most part up until now, she was breathing faster than the ventilator, working harder than she had to. Today she is breathing at a more normal pace and less labored than before. She was zonked when we were there, so I was glad. She gets so mad when they mess with her that it's nice to see her resting! They had to give her morphine twice yesterday to help her rest, but she had not had any this morning. Hopefully her chest feels better today. The nurse yesterday was able to remove quite a bit of secretions from her lungs, so we are hoping that some of the thicker stuff is breaking up. They will do another chest x-ray tomorrow, but the doctor has said that he doesn't expect it to change significantly from day to day. They will look though to see if the over expansion of her lungs has corrected some.
Today, Blair will be fed 3 cc every 3 hours, just over twice as much as they gave her yesterday. She will also be fed through a normal feeding tube instead of the weighted one that goes to the bottom of her stomach. The feedings have been going well, so hopefully he will continue to increase them.
Thanks to all of you who are keeping up with Blair's progress and praying for all of us. Pray that we get more good news tomorrow!