Monday, October 13, 2008

Blair's Infection

Basically Blair has fungal and Group B strep pneumonia (infection in the lungs) and sepsis  from Group B Strep, which is found in one out of five pregnant women and treated with antibiotics during labor. Although I received the antibiotics, the infection was already in her lungs, and they did not help much, since my labor was fairly quick. Because of the infection, her lungs do not properly oxygenate her blood, so she is on a ventilator receiving oxygen, and she is receiving antibiotics for the infection. Her heart is under increased pressure because of the trouble in her lungs.

On Saturday, Blair's echo cardiogram showed that the pressure on her heart had drastically decreased. Since this was a sign of improvement, they began trying to wean her off of the amount of oxygen they were giving her. However, by evening they had to increase it back up to 100%.
Her throat cultures showed that she also had yeast in her trachea, so they began her on an anti-fungal medication in addition to the two antibiotics she's taking for the bacterial infection.

Sunday morning, they called to tell us that she had had some trouble overnight, so they had changed her to an oscillating ventilator.
Instead of normal breaths, the oscillator gives really short fast breaths, around 600 per minute. The increasing secretions from the infection were not allowing oxygen to enter all parts of the lungs, so they hoped that the new machine would help. We also found out that on the Saturday x-rays, the radiologist saw a small hole in the right lower lobe of the lung. They planned to watch it closely to see if they would have to do something more in the coming days. The Sunday morning x-rays still showed a good bit of infection, although the outer edges of the lungs were aerated.

Sunday was a hard day for us, since we had received some good news on Saturday only to find out that she was worse on Sunday. However, all of the many prayers from all of our friends and family and even people we don't know are very comforting, and we are so grateful.