Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Time

After the issues yesterday, they have her back on morphine for a few days to let her rest and hopefully clear more secretions out of her lungs. Her lungs are both fully inflated today again, which is good. However, the secretions are causing air to trap in the lungs, so carbon dioxide is not getting out as it should. There seem to be less secretions, because she does not rattle when breathing quite as bad as she was, but they are still there. She just needs more time. The doctor still says that we have to follow her lead, and it is just taking longer than they expected, probably because she had to fight a bacteria and a fungus.
They are going to start trying to feed her again today. Hopefully the morphine will not slow her digestion down too much and require them to discontinue feedings, because having something in her tummy could make her happier when she comes off of sedation again.
Please keep praying for Blair. Small setbacks have to be expected, but it doesn't make them easier to bear.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brad&Ashlee,We are all praying for our little Blare.We love her so much.Blare has touched our lives and our hearts deeply,she is beautiful and precious,we look forward to when she is well enough to come home.She is a real trooper! Andad and Grandmom are so glad to be allowed to visit her in ICU.To see her is a blessing. We are thankful for so much that has been done for our family through this hard time ,God is so good.Our love and prayers,Gm Ad Ak

Unknown said...

Ashlee- Things have been so crazy around here, I didn't even realize you'd had Blair! I've already say a prayer for ya'll & will continue to do so! Sounds to me like your little one is quite the fighter & before long she will be home with ya'll ruling the roost! Remember the Lord always has a plan. Hugs & Much Love, Tracy

Unknown said...

Hey Ashlee.
I got an email from jenna over a week ago that you had had Blair early and that she was on a ventilator. I have been reading your updates on acrossthebranch every single day and I haven't known how to comment...this is my first experience with a blog. However, I have found out how to comment now and wanted you to know that I have been praying for Blair and you and Bradford every single day since finding out that she has been sick. It must be so awful seeing your little baby with all that stuff attached to her, but, I know that you are strong and that she is too and that soon enough, y'all will be at your house with your little angel. I'll keep praying for Blair to get better and improve every day like she is now. Take care,