Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fairy Rings

Well, I've had some complaint about lack of blog activity, so I thought I would share some of my recent pictures. I haven't done tons of pictures with my digital SLR, so I need the practice before Blair arrives.

After the buckets of rain that we had from the remnants of hurricane Fay, we had loads of mushrooms in our yard. I think I counted eight different kinds -- well, as least with my fungi-untrained eye. Brad and I made it a learning experience and found out why we have mushroom circles or fairy rings.

In the dew.

Two in the sun.

Big daddy.

One of our fairy rings.


Linsey said...

You just might give Michael Andrew a run for his money!

Unknown said...

Thanks for finally starting to blog more! My kids love our mushrooms in the yard!

Molly said...

COOL!! Fairy rings!! How woulda Thought?

see you on october 4th!

and yes, you should blog more, I like reading them :)

I've had mine since December 2007 and have managed to write zero!!!!

Amy said...

Good pictures! Blaire will be still like the mushrooms in the beginning, and then once she starts walking you'll have to learn to use the camera on "cheetah" mode. :)