Sunday, August 17, 2008


So I got tagged by the Semi-Slacker Mom to tell six unknown things about me. Hmm.... I really had to think on this one. Here goes...
1. When I was little I had an imaginary friend named Egret. Who knows. Apparently we had a painting of egrets above the fireplace. I still don't consider myself very creative.
2. I also played with dead, frozen doves like they were baby dolls -- with a paper towel for a blanket. I had one in the freezer at mine and my grandparents' houses.
3. I have traveled in 5 of 7 continents. Asia is my next hopeful stop. I don't think I'll make Antarctica. FYI -- in Europe, there are only 5 continents! They just skip Australia and lump us together with South America. Why not lump themselves with Asia, I wonder? Seems more logical to me -- there is way more land connecting the two.
4.I have REALLY bad eyesight: -7.5 and -8.5 for those of you who wear contacts. Without contacts/glasses, it's like opening my eyes under water and trying to see, so I don't venture off very far without them! Every morning, our lab Gus doesn't MOVE, not even when Brad gets up, until he hears me pick my glasses up off of the bedside table. That's his cue that it's time to get up.
5. When I'm tired, I can fall asleep in less than two minutes. My husband calls it "Janning out," because my mom does it too. I can get in bed, start a movie, and be asleep before the beginning credits are finished -- every time. He says that that means I have to get up with the baby, since I can go right back to sleep. Hmmm.
For our first date, I asked my husband to go to a Georgia Tech basketball game to which I got the tickets for Christmas from my previous boyfriend.

I don't know anyone to tag, so feel free to share if you haven't yet!


Unknown said...

good job! those were great. rhett said congrats on the baby.

Amy said...

Ashlee, I'm a big fan of "Janning out," too!
I loved the pictures from the cruise - the boys look so grown up and I still can't get over your mom with that "long" hair. I just have to look at her twice, but I really do like it :)